About Petunia Pudding

What:  Petunia Pudding is a quirky and unique infants and childrens boutique.  We are also an exclusive retailer for Pete and Lucy brand as well as Okie and Lou. We carefully select our products with your amazing children in mind.  Our promise is to provide Sassy, Sweet and Fun outfits that will bring a smile to your face and to others who see your child or children wearing them. The original "Petunia Pudding Handmade" and "Frog Pie" line is handmade in Georgia with a recipe of love. This line will be stocked occasionally as well in very limited quantities because...well...I make them myself! All brands other than Pete and Lucy and Okie and Lou will be found in the Petunia Pudding collection.  
How: We research and gather only the cutest and sweetest outfits from all over. Handcrafted toys and blankets as well as other items will continue to be added frequently. The Pete and Lucy brand is very limited with only 1,000 outfits in each style created. We source and create only items worthy of your awesome one-of-a-kind child!
WHY: Petunia Pudding is in business purely out of love. Our family has been in the infant and children's garment industry since the 1980's. We believe EVERY child is amazing and beautiful and we want to help you show the world!  Petunia Pudding is First Class and Pure Sass!  Whether it be our own line or one of our incredibly talented vendors, let us help you feel the happiness we feel when we find the perfect outfit for your littles to shine! Our recipe always starts and ends with love!